ELIC & Pre-Elementary School

At BRIS, we believe it’s never too early to give our little ones a head start on academic success. In our Early Language Immersion Center and Pre-Elementary programs, children are immersed in Spanish and French within a warm and caring learning environment.

Early Language Immersion Center (ELIC)


At BRIS, we believe excellent early childhood education can begin as early as infancy. That’s why we developed a unique curriculum as part of our ELIC program that families can truly appreciate. 

More than a traditional day care, ELIC is a place to learn, offering children opportunities to act and participate in a structured learning environment. By establishing an essential academic foundation, our program helps children develop an early love of learning that paves the way for them to reach their full potential.

Pre-Elementary School Programs


The BRIS Pre-Elementary program is designed around an integrated curriculum that is delivered through interactive themes. Learning themes are organized to cut across subject-matter lines, creating more meaningful associations and deeper understanding of broader areas of study.

Starting in Kindergarten, students can progress through the program on one of our 3 learning track options:

  • Immersion in two to three foreign languages
  • Immersion in one foreign language
  • An all-English program


In Pre-Elementary, our methodology is based on using discovery as a vehicle to motivate and encourage our
children to learn. Pre-Elementary school is a place where children are prepared for their future schooling. They are taught intellectual discipline, work habits, ethics, and respect.