Enrichments & Specialties

Through enrichments, BRIS students pursue long-standing passions, discover new ones, and forge friendships with peers and faculty.

STEM & Robotics

BRIS has embarked on a Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program to support the continued development of inquiry-based, hands-on science, and technology. At BRIS,  a team of Science, Mathematics, and Technology staff will model the inquiry approach and be mentors for students as they tackle individual projects and the inquiry-based approach to their explorations in the fields of Robotics, 3D Printing, Information Technology, Engineering, Sciences, and Mathematics.

Supporting mathematics projects, and applicable supporting math skill development will inspire students to become the scientists and engineers of the future. Students will also be supported with on-line resources, access to databases, textbooks, manuals as well as parents as a resource and as experts in the respective professional fields.


  • Activities: STEM activities will include suitable age-related projects coupled with support materials for use in Science, Mathematics and Technology classrooms, as well as a student project workshop with a suite of activities and guided real-world problem-solving investigations. Project-based and inquiry-based Mathematics, Science and Technology are also focus points in the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (MYP) and Diploma Program (DP) which emphasize inquiry and creating opportunities for the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


  • Initiatives: STEM initiatives in State and Independent Schools across the United States are embracing the necessity to educate young people for the future workforce where communication, creativity, and problem-solving skills are paramount and BRIS will be one of the leading schools in this education initiative.


BRIS offers a variety of music classes such as, Traditional and Suzuki Piano Suzuki Violin, Choir, and Falcons Orchestra. These classes are offered to students as young as 2 years old. Each year BRIS holds a Spring recital in both Piano and Violin.

  • Traditional Piano: This class is incorporated into the daily schedule in which students can learn in a creative environment with their peers. The material is presented in the traditional linear style of learning which associates itself with Classical music. With small class sizes and performance opportunities, it is assured students will get plenty of individual attention while being able to grow into seasoned players.


  • Suzuki Piano: In Suzuki piano, the students are taught to play using the famed method of renowned music pedagogist Dr. Shinichi Suzuki who believed that all students are capable of playing quality music if they are immersed in it. This style focuses much more on the tactile senses (groups, colors, movements) to learn rather than being dense with music theory. All piano students will perform in our 2 annual concerts (December and May).


  • Suzuki Violin: Suzuki Violin is a pyramid based learning scheme which focuses on ear training first. Parents attend every lesson so that they are able to provide competent home teaching support. Students participate in one-on-one lessons weekly and are provided with additional group activities. Students may start at 2 years old with parent education. Lessons are offered before and after school by contacting the teacher directly.

Visual & Performing Arts

BRIS offers Visual Arts programs and other Performing Arts to students from ELIC to 12th grade.

  • Ballet: Ballet is a popular class and is offered to students in Pre-Kindergarten through 12th-grade. End of year performances are held for the whole school to enjoy.


  • Drama: At BRIS, drama is effectively integrated into the curriculum. Drama is a powerful tool that develops students’ speaking and listening skills. Students are collaborators towards common goals. Every year, the school puts on a musical. Rehearsals take place after school. Students in elementary, middle, and high school are able to participate.


  • Visual Arts: BRIS offers a visual arts program that blends innovation with traditional techniques. Students learn to think creatively, express themselves, and to evaluate and exhibit their work.