Middle School at Baton Rouge International School

The middle school program provides students in grades 6 through 8 with a unique and rigorous academic experience that is both developmentally responsive and challenging. Our approach to these important and formative middle years focuses on fostering growth, independence, open-mindedness and critical thinking.

Balanced, Inquiry-Based Learning

The middle school program at BRIS is intended to promote the education of the whole person, emphasizing the importance of a broad and balanced learning experience. Our teachers focus on the inclusion of skills and processes built around a framework of concepts; the aim is to teach not only content knowledge but to also help students develop a genuine understanding of the underlying principles in each discipline and apply these in a new context in preparation for further learning.

Language Immersion

Our middle school students are immersed in one, two or even three languages. Students may study Spanish, French, Chinese and/or Portuguese.

Individualized Learning

Our middle school students are immersed in one, two or even three languages. Students may study Spanish, French, Chinese and/or Portuguese.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and Innovation

Creativity and STEM is at the heart of our school. Student innovation flourishes in classrooms, laboratories, studios, and through wide-ranging extra-curricular programs designed to ignite creativity and ingenuity.

Global Vision

BRIS strives to incorporate a global vision in our students through engaging international activities and experiences including units of study, trips abroad and numerous cultural events.

International Baccalaureate® Middle Years Programme (MYP)

The IB Middle Years Programme is a coherent and comprehensive curriculum framework that provides academic challenge and developed life skills for students between the ages of 11 and 16. The MYP is a purpose-built program that is taught and implemented world-wide. It offers students opportunities to develop their potential, explore their own learning preferences, to take appropriate risks, and to reflect on and develop a strong sense of personal identity.

The MYP offers an approach to teaching and learning that empowers our students to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and personal qualities they need to participate effectively in life in the 21st century. 

The IB MYP Curriculum Model

The MYP is an innovative, concept-driven curriculum that weaves together subject disciplines, cross-curricular themes and an emphasis on citizenship and personal development. The curriculum is taught through eight subjects:

  • Group 1 – Language & Literature
  • Group 2 – Language Acquisition
  • Group 3 – Individuals & Societies
  • Group 4 – Sciences
  • Group 5 – Mathematics
  • Group 6 – Arts
  • The Core: Creativity, Activity & Service (CAS); Theory of Knowledge (TOK); Extended Essay (EE)