Clubs & Co-Curriculars

Clubs and co-curriculars offer a venue for developing interests and new friendships. Our teachers are actively involved in these activities, building important and meaningful relationships with students beyond the classroom.


Robotics is not only a high school course but also one of our most popular BRIS clubs. This competition is comprised of three different elements: Team Core Values, Project Presentation, and the Robot Challenge. Team members will contribute to all three aspects of the challenge while learning with the use of the LEGO Mindstorm Education Kits.

BRIS has two Robotics teams for middle school and high school and the club is available for children in elementary through 12th grade.

Student Leadership Council

The BRIS Student Leadership Council (SLC) is the “voice” of the student body. The SLC gives students a significant opportunity to engage civically and learn the value of possessing civic virtue. It is a forum for students to address their concerns and difficulties.

The BRIS SLC presents a diplomatic foundation for administration, teachers, and students to build upon. Students who participate in the Student Leadership Council have an opportunity to contribute to the rules and regulations of BRIS and also the implementation of new school policies and student activities. It is viewed as a peer support system.

The BRIS Student Leadership Council is at the heart of the dissemination of pertinent and accurate information among the student body. It is a viable liaison between the student body, the administrative team, and parents. Students are implementing innovative projects which allow them to develop their leadership skills.

Language Clubs

Students at BRIS can participate in our language clubs. It is a great way for them to learn even more about the culture of the languages they are studying. They are also able to participate in language competition through conferences and district rallies. Many students are offered a scholarship to go abroad during the Summer through those different opportunities.

Chess Club

Chess Club at BRIS provides a wonderful opportunity for students of all ages to develop their mastery of the most ancient and classic of strategy games. More than simply a game or a pastime, BRIS values chess for its incredible ability to foster a child’s development.

The purpose of the Chess Club is to learn how to play chess and get better at playing it. Many of our students are participating in competition statewide and regionally. Chess is a great way to increase problem-solving skills and creativity. It also improves spatial skills and memory.

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