3 Reasons to Choose Private Schools

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Throughout the United States, there are many different types of schools. Some of the main options are private schools, public schools, and charter schools, and they sometimes have their variations. For instance, private schools can be a boarding school, affiliated with various religions, or simply a private institution. A public school is free to go to, and run by the state or local government, or a blend of those two. Private schools, on the other hand, are privately run and funded, which gives them room to improve their curriculum. Finally, charter schools are publicly funded but given some autonomy over their curriculum, and how they are run. 
3 Reasons to Choose Private Schools Baton Rouge

For many parents, private schools are the best option for their child for one of several reasons. In many cases, a private school can offer a particular bit of curriculum -or a standard in how it is run- that makes it a better option for a particular student. This might be a language immersion program, such as French immersion schools, which offer students a unique language opportunity. 

There are a huge number of reasons why parents choose private schools in Baton Rouge, ahead of public or charter schools.

Here are just a handful of those reasons:

They Offer Extensive Extracurricular Programs

While every school offers extracurricular programs, private schools offer an extensive list of extracurricular programs, which are critically important to a child’s development. Playing sports, like basketball or volleyball, helps students stay physically fit, learn about commitment and teamwork, and make friends outside of the classroom setting. Furthermore, clubs offered like robotics or chess will help give students a practical knowledge of what they’re learning in the classroom and teach them problem-solving skills that they wouldn’t normally get without such extracurriculars. Another massively important aspect of extracurriculars is they keep students busy outside of school, when parents may still need a guardian for them while they work. One major example of this is when schools offer a summer camp. Summer programs keep students active and learning over summer break with their friends, while also making sure parents don’t need to find someone to watch their children while they work.

They Have Great Student-Teacher Ratio

Another important feature that distinguishes private schools from other schools, is their student-to-teacher ratios. At our school, the ratio is seven students per one teacher, which has an incredible impact on our students. First, small classroom sizes mean that there will be fewer distractions for students when they’re trying to learn, and it will also lead to them being closer to the friends they make in school. More importantly, these ratios mean that teachers can focus more on your child when they’re struggling in school. This means that they get the attention they need to better understand concepts and not be left behind. Unfortunately, most public schools can’t offer this benefit. They often double this classroom size out of necessity, which takes away from one on one opportunities to learn for students.

They Better Prepare Students for Higher Education

One of the most common reasons why parents choose a private school over a public one is that they’re known to better prepare students for higher education. On the one hand, private school students tend to test better than their public school counterparts. Furthermore, that small classroom size benefits them once they get to higher education, which typically takes place in a similar environment. 

Also, the diverse curriculum benefits students once they get to this level, as they already have a wider base of knowledge to help them as they are challenged by new concepts and ideas.

That’s why, when parents choose to send their children to a private school, they are giving them the best chance to succeed.