4 Ways Your Child Will Benefit From Language Immersion Programs

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The best way to adequately prepare children for the future is by providing them with quality education. In our modern and more connected world, multilingual individuals are at the heart of global development. Multinational companies are prioritizing multilingual and bilingual managers to oversee their global brands. This means that the best gift parents can give their children is enrolling them in a private middle school or elementary school that offers language immersion programs.
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Here are the perks of enrolling your child in a private school with a language immersion program.

1. Helps Your Child Appreciate Diversity and Different Cultures

Learning to speak and write a second or third language is a gateway for your child to interact with people from diverse cultures. Understanding and appreciating the cultural differences in society at an early age will make your child more open-minded and cosmopolitan. Being sensitive and receptive to new cultural experiences is a soft skill that can open up new opportunities for your child in the corporate and business world.

The best time for children to effectively learn multiple languages is during their nascent years while still in preschool or middle school. Our middle school in Baton Rouge has language immersion programs that teach students the four of the most spoken languages in the World: Chinese, English, French, and Spanish.

2. Multilingualism Helps Your Child Develop Stronger Cognitive Skills

Numerous studies have shown that multilingual students have superior analytical, academic, and social skills. Language immersion programs help children develop better reading and writing skills, and become effective multitaskers in their adult life. 

By learning a new language, students condition their brains to take a multi-directional approach when solving problems. This gives multilingual students an edge over their unilingual peers because their conditioned cognitive flexibility allows them to overcome difficulties more creatively.

These benefits spill over to their careers. In the business and corporate world, individuals who find solutions to complex challenges are more successful and earn higher wages. Regardless of your child’s career choice in the future, having multilingual skills will boost their chances of international success.

3. Helps Students Become Proficient Communicators

Learning different topics in Spanish, French, and Chinese helps students to apply their language skills in real-life situations. These programs don’t only focus on reading, speaking, and writing foreign languages. Far from that, they go the extra mile and teach students the structure and grammar of foreign languages. This helps students to understand the context of the language even when used in different forms. To put it simply, immersion students understand a foreign language at a native level. That’s how these practices help students become efficient communicators.

For total language immersion programs to be successful, they must be facilitated by instructors who are native speakers of the languages taught. Our schools employ tutors who are experts in their respective fields, and native speakers of the immersion language. It takes a lot to attract and retain such tutors. That’s why only the best private schools are successful in this field. 

Additionally, Baton Rouge International School employs more tutors, allowing small class sizes, with a student-to-teacher ratio of 12:1.

4. Multilingualism Enhances the Social Life of Your Child in Adulthood

As an adult, your child will find it easy to interact and associate with people from diverse cultures. This will expand their circle of friends. People with a larger network of diverse friends are likely to pursue a more fulfilling social life, giving your child a head-start in life. 

Another reason why you should enroll your child in one of the best private middle schools in Baton Rouge.