Questions You Should Be Asking Your Private Elementary School

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When it comes to choosing the best educational setting for your child from an array of private elementary schools, you want the best one. With approximately 34,576 private schools in the United States serving 5.7 million PK-12 students, you have your share of choices. 

Let’s explore some of the questions that you should be asking potential private elementary schools as you decide upon the best one for your child.

What Is Your School’s Mission?

One of the first questions that you want to ask of private elementary schools is about their mission and the strategic plan they plan to use. A private school’s mission and plan is the fastest way for you to determine how good of a fit the school is for you and your child. You certainly want to evaluate the elementary schools and decide upon the one that has its mission prominently displayed. You also want to find out how that mission and strategic plan is integrated into the school’s curriculum.

How Will You Empower and Equip My Child to Take Ownership Of Their Learning?

Today’s private elementary schools can be measured by their ability to help shape, mold, and develop students into global citizens for the future. You want to find out how your private elementary school will encourage studying, homework duties, and test-taking. Great elementary schools also produce students who have feelings of empowerment. You want an elementary school that encourages calculated risk-taking and offers self-empowering initiatives.

What Role Does Technology Play In the Classroom?

When choosing the best school among private elementary schools, you want to find out how technology is integrated into the learning atmosphere. While many private elementary schools have some of the most innovative computer systems and computerized learning modules for children, you want to get the specifics on how your child will benefit from various technologies that the school offers.

Can You Share Any Success Stories From Past Students?

When deciding upon the best school among private elementary schools, it may be helpful for you to see and hear what students who have graduated from the school are doing now. Does the school keep up with the accomplishments of its alumni? Knowing about previous students and their endeavors, as well as successes, are vital to the reputation of a school.

Are There Any Language Immersion Programs Offered In Your School?

Another selling point of many private elementary schools is the language immersion programs that they offer. Perhaps one school that you are eyeing has French language immersion programs. Another one that you are thinking of enrolling your child offers Spanish-language integration. A child who is taught mastery of a foreign language becomes an adult who can take advantage of professional opportunities that are enriching, enlightening, and even profitable!

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