Top Qualities of the Best Private School

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When it comes to choosing the best private school for your child, there are several options. In fact, 25% of schools in the United States are private schools, and they enroll 10% of all PK-12 students. However, the best private schools offer exceptional academic and extracurricular activities and more. 

Let’s delve into some of the top qualities you should look for in the best private school for your child:

Individualized Attention

Most private schools have small class sizes with low student-to-teacher ratios. Many classes can have as little as 8 to 13 students at one time. These low ratios allow for students to receive individualized attention in each class. If your child struggles in math, English, or science, you can count on their teacher at the best private school to give them the extra attention that they need.

Focus On Academics

Private schools focus on academics in order to prepare students for college and their future careers. In fact, the best private schools will prepare your child for jobs that don’t even exist yet. While subject matter is extremely important, the best private school teachers will also teach your children the best ways to learn and absorb material. Private school students are also taught skills necessary to continue their education and succeed in life beyond school.

Extracurricular Activities

The best private schools will also offer a variety of extracurricular activities. This includes sports, music, art, and technology clubs, lessons, and competitions. You should also look for a private school that offers quality day camps and summer camps. Camps allow for additional student interaction, exceptional learning opportunities, and the ability for your children to engage in interesting activities and sports. The best private school values time outside of the school year and finds ways to engage its students in other important ways.

Language Immersion Programs

Aside from math, English, history, and science courses, the best private school will also offer an excellent language immersion program or two. Children have a greater ability to learn and speak a second language with fluent grammar through the age of seven or eight. The ability to master a second language gradually declines after this period. Therefore, enrolling your child in the best private school with a language immersion program is a great way for your child to become bilingual starting at a young age. Your child will then have an advantage later in life when they go to find a job.


Your child’s education is important, so consider sending your learner to the best private school in your area. Baton Rouge International School in Baton Rouge, LA offers exceptional French and Spanish language immersion programs as well as quality academic and extracurricular programs for its students. Contact us to learn more about our school and programs that can help your child excel in school and beyond.