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The vision of the Baton Rouge International School (BRIS) is to develop a world-class educational institution that prepares students to be the multilingual global leaders of tomorrow by teaching them lifelong skills to successfully navigate in an ever-changing, interconnected, complex world. BRIS engages the community at large in an awareness of how its innovative and international education, measured by international standards and delivered within a sustainable modern green campus, will enable its socioeconomically and culturally diverse students to compete on a global level, thereby positively impacting our city, state, nation and ultimately the world.

Master Plan

BRIS recently completed a comprehensive campus master plan design to build larger buildings to serve as administrative, educational and recreational facilities for the future.  The design and planning is consistent with the Baton Rouge Plan for "smart growth" in the area and reflects the innovative education that BRIS provides through contemporary and  environmentally sustainable architecture.

The goal of the BRIS is to build a full campus that will house preschool, elementary, middle school and high school students. The funds raised in the next few years will help finance the construction of a gymnasium, auditorium and additional classrooms in order to meet the overall campus needs.

BRIS Multipurpose Educational Facility